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Send us the photos
by: Laura

Hello Wanda if you still have your tires for sale you can email us the photos and we will add it to your webpage.

Want to add new photo of tires
by: wanda

I want to paste new photos of tires. how do you do that. it won't let me do this here.only comments not photos.

Thank you Wanda
by: Laura

Thank you Wanda for pointing out the L in front of the 17". We manually add to our Buy and Sell page all the submissions and the L was added by accident.

Your black leather saddle bags will be posted after this comment.

Thank you for trying to navigate through this site Wanda. We try to make it as easy as possible to navigate through with all the information.

Clarification needed on front page ad L17
by: wanda

where did the L in front of 17" come from. it is not on my posted ad but only on the front page.

also I posted another ad for black leather saddle bags. How long does it take for it to show up on the front page?
are there additional pages?
again, trying to navigate through this new site.

Learning to Navigate through Buy and Sell section
by: wanda

Found it. i'm just a newbie.

Viewing Posted Ad
by: wanda

where does one find her own posted is not on the front page or there is no index.
Please advise

Additional info
by: Wanda

2 of the 17" tires are Sailun Ice Blazers bought new last year and 2 are Michelin with very few winter miles. Excellent condition

editing/deleting your ad
by: Laura

Hello Wanda

We will be adding this ad instead - your previous ad will be deleted sorry this did take a while to be added to our website - we're are in the process of updating all the website pages.

I noticed you have been trying to contact us how to edit or delete your ad.

To edit or delete your ad just add it in the comment box where your ad it located - so visitors know immediately if it is sold - or you have more information added. Visitors can comment directly with you via the comments.
Hope this helps
Thank You

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