"Kawartha bat control."


We made this Kawartha bat control page to help you understand what attract bats and how to deal with those pesky little critters.

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To be fair, bats ARE an essential part of nature and are incredible to watch as they whisk through the dusky night air. Just knowing that they are inhaling thousands of unwanted mosquitoes at a time makes you want to consider keeping them, but they can cause serious health risk problems and property damage.

Bats often infest a building by entering through holes and cracks around soffit, fascia, roof flashing and vents. Any hole 1/4 of an inch and up can be a potential entry point for bats.

Bats can spoil your insulation and walls due to exposure from guano (droppings and urine).

Bat droppings are very toxic, so if you see these droppings in and around your deck, porch or outdoor living area, please keep your pets and small children far away from these areas. Have it cleaned up immediately by an expert bat controller.


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