"These are recommended
Kawartha Fishing Lures for the gamefish
in the Kawarthas."

Kawartha fishing lures are not our specialty. We are by no means experts when it comest to fishing, but these are recommended fishing lures from the experts at Lucky Strikes in Peterborough.

Smallmouth Bass

Kawartha fishing lures for smallmouth bass
Smallmouth Bass

Commonly referred to as smallies or bronzebacks the Smallmouth Bass are a thrill to catch because of their fierce fighting qualities.
Main diet: Crayfish, frogs, insects and fish eggs.
Recommended Lures: Crankbaits, worm harness and spinnerbaits (try Pro Series Spinnerbaits)


Kawartha fishing lures for walleye bass

Walleye are one of the best tasting fish caught in Ontario. They get their name from their large glassy eyes, which are very sensitive to sunlight. Dark and dawn are ideal times for catching this favourite.
Main diet: A wide variety of other fish, especially perch.
Recommended Lures: Spinners with a worm or minnow (try June Bug Spinner)

Lake Trout

Kawartha fishing lures for Lake Trout fish
Lake Trout

Lake Trout are found in deep water where they can retreat to cooler depths in the summer. Temperature around the °10 C/50’F mark are preferred by this prized catch.
Main diet: Insects, opossum shrimp, herring and smaller trout
Recommended Fishing Lures: Trolling spoons with a wide range of colours. (try Warden's Worry)


Kawartha fishing lures for muskellunge fish

An Ontario favourite due to the Musky’s fierce darting attack and because of their large size. The Canadian angling record from Blackstone Harbour, Georgian Bay, Ontario is 29,48Kg or 64.99 lbs.
Main diet: Other fish, frogs, small mammals and waterfowl.
Recommended Kawartha Fishing Lures:
Large Wooden plugs, bucketail spinners, spoons and spinner baits. (try Ol' Wooden Musky Plug)

Northern Pike

Kawartha fishing lures for Northern Pike
Northern Pike

Pike are solitary and are found in lakes and river where the water is sill or in slow currents. Females grow larger, faster and live longer than males; life span is up to to 26 years.
Main diet: Over 90% of the diet for adult Pike are other fish. They are mainly Yellow Perch and shiners. Frogs, crayfish, mice, muskrats and ducklings provide meals as well.
Recommended Lures: Trolling Spoons and plugs of red and white colour combinations are most effective. (try Half Wave Spoon)


Kawartha fishing lures for Carp

Carp in the Kawartha region can be very large and it is important to have a net with a strong from to properly safely handle them.
Recommended Lures: "Basket Net" Strong Fiberglass Handle with a Flat Bottom bag.