"We are in the process of uncovering
the secrets to the Kawartha Lakes
mennonite life."

We have full respect for the Kawartha Lakes mennonite life.

Kawarthas Lakes mennonits
We could only take a photo from the back.
The Mennonites believe that when their photo is taken,
a piece of their spirit is taken.

In the summer time, we'd often see the Mennonite men on foot or biking alongside heights road all dressed in black.

You can always be assured during high season in the summer, the Mennonite women are selling their goodies on the corner of Pigeon and Dunsford road.

We are often surprised to see in the winter, their horse drawn black buggy pass by us on highway 7, when temperatures are well below 0.

We are learning more about the Mennonite life here in the Kawartha Lakes. Please come and visit us again soon for more information.