"Watch the video below and discover
how easy it is to resize your Kawartha
photo or any photo for the web."

For your Kawartha photo or for any photo to look good on any webpage or website, your photo must be in a small size format.

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to resize your own photo or scroll under the video for written instructions.

NOTE: This video was taped before Picnic emerged with Google. A new video is now in progress with details on how to resize your photo.

Here are step by step instructions to help you along

Step 1

Once you have clicked on the link at the bottom of these instructions, you will be taken to picnick.com. Once there, click on the "Upload a photo" button.

How to resize a photo

Step 2

A browse dialog box from your computer will appear. Search for your Kawartha photo or any photo on your computer in the file folder you saved it in. You may need to click through your file folders by clicking your mouse on the up-down arrows at the top of the dialog box. When you have found and selected your photo, click on the "Select" button.

How to resize a photo

When your upload is complete, you'll see your photo on the Picnik page. Along the top you will see several tool buttons tabs to help you edit your Kawartha photo. When the tab buttons are white, that is the tool you are woking in. For a default the "Edit" tab is in white as you see below.

How to resize a photo

Each helpful tool has a question mark beside its name. If you click on the question mark, a small box will appear on the left side of Picnik, describing what that tool does. You may experiment with the different tools, but we will only show the resizing in the EDIT tool for the purpose of this site.

Step 3

Click on the "Resize" button. You will come to a new window that lets you type in your dimensions. Make sure the 'Keep Proportions" box is checked. Type in the first box any number under 500 . The following box will automatically set the value for the height. Then click the "Okay" button.

You should know that any changes you made to your Kawartha photo are "non-destructive" changes. This means that your photo is not permanently changed until you save the file. On the far right of Picnik is the Undo button. This will reverse the edits you just made, if you decide you don't like them (ex., cropped to the wrong size). Keep clicking on the button until you get back to a version of the image that you're pleased with.

How to resize a photo

If you're working on a small image, it may be difficult to be precise with your changes. Drag the zoom tool at the bottom while clicking on your mouse to make your photo display larger temporarily. The higher the zoom, the lower the image quality. As you reach a certain point in your zoom, you'll see a thumbnail of the image near the sliding scale. This will help you determine what part of the image you're currently viewing.

Resize lets you change the size of your Kawatha photo without removing any of it. Use the Crop tool to remove parts of the photo you don't want to see.

Step 4

Then click on the "Save & Share" green tab. This brings you to another tab and lets you save the "finished product" to your computer.

How to resize a photo

Click in the file name box and make name about your Kawartha photo. (ex. sunset-on-pigeon-lake). Use the dash key between words (no spaces please). Don't use the resize function here. You can't see what the size will look like, and you can't undo it. Use the Resize function in the green Edit tab to resize it before saving it.

How to resize a photo

Keep the file format as a .jpg (you may need to change your file name to all lower case letters)

Keep the JPG Compression Quality default at 8

You made need to scroll down with the side bars to see the Save Photo button.

Once the photo is done resizing, click on the "Save Photo" button. You will be asked where to save your photo.
You may need to wait a while for the processing to be finished and saved to your computer.


So you are a novice at resizing your photos

Since you own your own graphic software and already are an expert at resizing photos.
Your Kawartha photo should be no more than 500 pixels and 800 pixles high. The resolution shoud be between 54 and 72 pixels/inch. The files MUST be saved as lower case letters in the .jpg file format.

Still not sure

Click here to email us and we can give you a step by step helping hand.

You did it

You made it this far to making your own web page. Now click on one of the links below to the page you want to make your webpage and follow the instructions there. The rest will be a breeze

Looking foward to seeing your Kawartha photo and web page on this site.

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