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Does anyone know someone who does chinking? 
Chinking is the grouting or filling between logs.

Greenhouse in a Box 
I am looking to purchase a "greenhouse in a box". 10'x20'x8'. Can anyone advise where I can get one?

Why is Pigeon Lake drained for the winter?  
Why is Pigeon Lake drained for the winter? If the water is diverted to a canal system, why? This water draining must be devastating to the fish and …

How do I see an ad? 
I see an ad for a Fisher Price Baby Swing but when I click on it all that comes up is a list of Antiques for sale. Also when I Sent the above question …

how do i delete a add 
how do i delete a add

The magnificent Boyd house was destroyed because of red tape, and Bobcaygeon's lack of interest in preserving a very special piece of its history. 
The story you give about the Boyd estate is delightful, but not true. When Sheila Boyd died, her sister Mildred and Mildred's daughter purchased the property …

Landscapes by P. Wippert 
Hello, I have a painting of P. Wippert (18x36) 1973. It was my Mother's. I would like to know the value of it. It is a lake with hills in the background. …

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