Amanda Glover

by Amanda Glover

My Larger Art and Me

My Larger Art and Me

My artistic passion is for scrap metal art!

I take peoples scrap metals (utensils, ironing boards, pipes etc.) and create art out of it all.

I've made a 10 foot tall flower out of an ironing board; I've made a terminator holding a large gun out of shovels, metal bowls, exaust pipes, springs and more. I've even made a chess set out of nuts and bolts with the theme cowboys vs kings.

My passion started in high school when I took co-op and couldn't decide what to co-op for.

My dad suggested welding so I co-oped at Canadian Welding Skills. It was great! I didn't know anything going into the school but they taught me everything I needed to know!

I decided to try and make something "artsy" one day and that's where it all started!

I've done custom art and custom construction as well. I constructed a "mineshaft" type cart for a customer on Stoney lake.

It gets pulled 100 feet up a steep incline by a remote controlled winch on a mono-rail. I've also made a railing with a sunburst and moon with stars.

Creating art from trash is so exciting for me because it makes me feel like I'm helping save the environment and making people happy at the same time!

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Awesome Art!
by: Susan Fernando

Hello Amanda!
You are such a great artist because any one not creates this type of art. Actually I’m student in art at Los Angeles and I also known that art is not easy work. Instylejackets Terminator Genisys Jacket

Nice post!
by: Edward

Great post.


by: Laura

What a great idea Amanda!

As a believer in the environment and especially to keep the region of the Kawartha Lakes clean, you are onto something great.

Where do you get your materials?
Are you looking for more materials to work with?

Just reply in the comment below.

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