Ann Wardley

by Ann Wardley
(Fenelon Falls ON. CA)

I'm a self taught artist in Watercolour and a late bloomer.

I began painting in 1987. I was a founder of the Kawartha Art festival in Fenelon Falls. I should have gone to Arts School in Sheffield Yorkshire at age 11 but I failed the written exam because I am Dyslexic.
I stopped painting in 1997 to write a book and be a 24/7 caregiver to my mentally ill daughter. Now at 74 ( 2010 ) I have begun to paint again, but this time it is Abstracts and I'm loving it...Since July 1 2010 I have painted 283 canvas's. I can't seem to stop. Life is very sweet now.

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Still love it
by: Owner of one of Ann's paintings

Many years ago my Dad and I went on a tour in the Kawartha's and we bought one of your paintings. It is in greens and is of a young woman with a hood on. We named Brenda. Since that time my Dad has passed and Brenda reminds me of what a gentle loving wonderful Dad I had. Thank you Ann for your gift.

Met Bill at Lakefield fleamarket on Sunday
by: Chris Fowler

Greetings Ann... Sonya and I were so glad we met Bill at the fleamarket . We had a great time talking about old times and all the fun we had . That was our second time going in about 15 years . All of a sudden we got the bug again . We still love it . New faces .. lots of them .. but they still they can be cheap pecker heads . We sold the house in Pontypool last June and moved to Port Hope . We love it here . Every day is a beach day for us. We are both so happy to hear that you are well and still doing great artwork .It would be nice to see you again .Our phone ...905 885 2762... our ... Sonya still looks great . I on the other hand got fat.. lost a few front teeth and all my hair turned grey HA HA HA on top and where the sun don't shine HA HA . We'd love to hear from you .. Your friends S & C ....

by: danny daniel

ann this is danny daniel use to work for dad in60s furniture removing would like to add you to my facebook so we can chat its adrian daniel uk your painting are beatifull can you add me danny can remember nursing your daughter lived in ecclesal rd sheffield please get back to me if you see this message love dannyx

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