Bicycle repair and maintenance

by Mark Norabuena
(Peterborough, ON, Canada)

Hi there my name is Mark and I provide services of repair and maintenance of bicycles from commuters too mountain bikes. If you live close to the downtown area of Peterborough I also provide mobile services where I can cycle to your house with my mobile bicycle tool trailer weather permittting.

These are my services and skillsets:
- Pressurize tires
- Tighten bolts and clamps
- Adjust headsets
- Clean chain, cassette, derailleurs
- Adjust Derailleur alignments
- Grease pedal threads and tighten
- True Wheelsets
- Adjust axle bearing systems and repack with park polytube
- Re-lube chain and unseize actuated parts
- Toe in and align brake pads for either cantelever or V-brakes
- Adjust mechanical disc brakes and check for wear in pads plus replace
- Replace brake/shifting cables and housing
- Align handlebars and seatposts
- Patch flats and replace tubes
- Can install most components on to your bicycles

431 Stewart st.
Peterborough, ON
I'm located close to the Hutchinson House on Brock st. up the hill on the corner of Stewart st.

twitter: @bike_squire
facebook: Bike Squire
phone #: 705-808-4744

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