Bill Dopson ... A.K.A. Woodworker Willie

by Bill Dopson

 Aspen, African Padauk & Cedar

Aspen, African Padauk & Cedar

 Aspen, African Padauk & Cedar

Several years ago, I saw two beautiful pieces of wooden art hanging on the wall in the home of a good friend in Langly B.C.

As I looked at them, I thought that this art form was something that I would like to try.

When I arrived home to Omemee Ontario (We have since moved to Lindsay ON) I did some research and found that this art form is called Intarsia.

I found some sources for patterns, ordered a few simple ones, purchased some tools and lumber, and I was hooked on Intarsia.

I retired from my full time job in April of 2004, and I found that in a year or so I had the house full of Intarsia pieces.

The full house is the reason that I now offer my pieces for sale. I make my patterns out of 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood, and therefore can use them again and again. Raising, lowering and shaping of the individual pieces than most people do. This gives my pieces a much greater three dimensional look than most that I have seen.

If you have enjoyed looking at my work, please pass it on to your friends.


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