C. J. Irwin

by CJ Irwin
(Lindsay, Ontario Canada)

During the day you'll find CJ orchestrating an entertainment deal between a corporate buyer and an entertainment property or setting up a business pow-wow in the tropics or custom designing entertainment travel pkgs for the media. CJ is no stranger to the world of Arts & Entertainment - with 30 years operating Bronson Productions Inc.

Between the cracks, CJ plays and experiments with unique ideas (many garnering awards), working in Plaster, Encaustic (wax), Acrylic, Oil, Glass, Gold Leaf, Mache... thru Emotion, Texture, Dimension, Manipulation. The passion is obvious.

Art leads us into our imaginative subconscious and creativity, where the roots of curiosity lie, waiting for a reason. Without curiosity, we would have no reason to do the things we do. What happens if I do this? Experimentation also leads to moments with the soul, where uncertainty can take our breath away, leaving us to gasp with a new breath that expands and transports us to new levels of insight and expression, teaching us patience and providing the spiritual fodder that so satisfyingly feeds our soul.

Location: CJ's Gallery - Lindsay
42 Colborne Street West (Victoria/Colborne)
Open Wknds Sat & Sun 10A-5P
website: http://www.cjsgallerycanada.com
Enquire about Children's Art Camp

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