Julie WIlkie

by Julie Wilkie
(Omemee, Ontario)

Julie Wilkie has a keen sense of design and loves combining traditional patterns and styles with contemporary fabrics. This produces wonderfully warm, cozy comfort with each product created.

Julie's past-times include sewing and working with wood. She explains, “I love the sense of relaxation that I get when I am able to create something from a meter of fabric or a piece of wood.

It’s exhilarating to see the finished product and know that it’s something special!” Being raised in a creative family has given me the basis for my inspiration.

You will enjoy products that last for a long time because they are put together with extra seams, made with great care and high quality fabrics.

Enjoy my pre-washed products that are made specifically for you! Are you tall, short, thin or a bit chubby? I can take care of your own specific needs to make your garment fit just for you!
Perfect solutions one-of-a kind gift that will delight everyone and show quality of workmanship that you will be proud of!

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Great ideas
by: Laura

Thank you Julie for making your web page and sharing your passion and creativity with everyone.

It is nice to see that the art of sewing is still alive.

I want to remind you that you can click on each of your small photos which will enlarge them and be displayed on the top.

Hope to see your work soon.

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