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by: Margaret baird Anonymous

I have a beautiful painting of yours would like to know more about it’s callrdLittle Heritage girl
Limited edition

A Memory of Karl Illini
by: Reinhard

We learned, that Karl died in 2016. We are sorry. We have a good memory of him, because we had a lot of fun together. Together with Werner we were even 5 days together in Las Vegas!
I and my wife met Carl in 1999 in his galery. It was a real pleasure to know him.
We was come for a holyday from Germany to visit my friend Werner on his Cottage to Pigeon Lake.
In a video we are the first visit to his Illini gallery.
Take a look at it:

karl illini family
by: shawn viggers

I spent many nights sleeping over at the illini gallery as a young teen. I was close friends to karls son. Many days and nights i spent there. I will miss Mr.Illini. i habe not been there much as an adult only the occasional visit to say hello. I spent hours watching Karl sitting in the dining area bezide the kitchen working away on his art, always friendly always inviting. If not at the Illini house his son Ondre was at mine...He will be missed. God bless you Mr. Illini i will remember you always with the utmost respect and fondness....

A old friend
by: Alexander de Wit

I met Carl in 1989 in his galery, over a cup of coffee we talked about his and mine paintings. We became good friends, when I come for a holyday from Holland to visit my brother Rudy and his wife Louise I always visit Karl during my holyday.
The two of us shared a funny experience.......we met Elvis at his place, but not the real one.
We live in Vancouver now, and hope to visit Karl soon in the near future.
Greetings to you Karl , hope to see you soon.
Alexander and Sylvia de Wit

Tug Boat in the Mist.
by: Richard and Diane Dill

Beautiful painting of a Canadian Tug Boat in the fog. One can feel the cold and damp. It hangs with with much pride in our home. Everyone is amazed by the detail.

Tug Boat in the Mist.
by: Richard and Diane Dill

Beautiful painting of a Canadian Tug Boat in the fog. One can feel the cold and damp. It hangs with with much pride in our home. Everyone is amazed by the detail.

The Best Artist I Know
by: Edy Antony

I met Karl about 9 years ago, and I could not believe in his versatility. Castles and cars, people , horses, name it, that's
Karl Illini. He is just the greatest artist and
story teller. It is a real pleasure to know him.

Love you Karl


by: Nathan Bjornson

Karl is my special friend.

I grew up in Bobcaygeon and frequently visited
with Karl Illini. He made me feel like family. Many times he would offer me a cup of coffee and we would talk while he was painting.

My Mom loves his work. Her favorite painting is "Slightly Worn" which I think reminds her of her hippie days.

In 1997 Mom commissioned Karl to do an “original” painting of Dr. Frederick “Ted” Carrick’s favorite historical figure, Napoleon, with Dr. Carrick’s face, spectacles included, in the emperor’s place using David’s painting, Napoleon, on the white horse as the reference. Dr. Carrick, Mom’s post graduate Functional Neurology Professor and mentor, proudly displays this work in his art gallery/home in Cocoa, Florida.

I watched Karl paint this masterpiece over eight days. I will never forget this incredible experience. Each day was even more special that the one before. Each step was like a miracle.

Mom flew Karl down to Key West, FL to Capt Tony's for the presentation to Dr.Carrick during his International Neurology Conference held at Flagler’s Casa Marina Resort. I was there during the presentation and you should have seen Dr. Carrick's face when he saw the painting. His mouth gapped open and his exact words were "Holy S...!"

I enjoyed Karl's classic car and castle masterpieces. One of the things that makes them
so special is they appear three-dimensional to the point you want to wipe the water drops
off the bumper.

Nathan Bjornson
Stuart, FL

by: M. Christoff

I have 2 signed original watercolors of the Gooderham building and Jarvis Street done by Mr. Illini that I bought in the 70's I had them professionaly framed and since I am moving to a very small residence would be happy to sell them. They are small, about 6" x 4" but really nice.
email me at if anyone is interested.

Amazing artist
by: Jo-Anne Lenko

I have known Karl for a while now. Each time my husband and I go into his Gallery, we are amazed.
Keep up the good work Karl

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