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Because this area is so vast, there are many different lifestyles to choose. From country living to owning a cottage on waterfront property or from farming to condominium ownership, make living in the Kawartha Lakes so diverse and exciting.

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Country Living

    Heating and cooling systems

    With the high cost of hydro nowadays. We are all trying to find ways to save on our hydro bill.

    Most homes in the country have oil or electric. Propane stoves are becoming more popular due to the cold winters.

    There are still some old country kitchens that have wood burning stoves, but the insurance companies are reluctant to insure them. The winter temperatures here are extremely cold and the summer months are hot, so make sure your new home in the country can handle the extreme temperatures.

    We use a geothermal system for our heat and air conditioning for our home.

    The drinking water comes from a well.

    All homes in the country have a well to supply their own water. Some wells do dry up and need to be replenished. Some wells have many minerals that are not suitable for drinking.

    Most common problems for water in the Kawartha Lakes area is sulfer and high iron. A few deep wells have maganese. With all the modern efficient water treatments that are on the market, most water can be treated and is safe to drink.

    We have heard horror stories of many buying a home and later finding out about the water being contaminated or worse, empty.

    Septic Systems

    Part of living in the country is that you are a responsible for your own waste. All your water waste is held in a septic tank. One of the conditions when buying a home in the Kawartha Lakes country side is that the septic tank has to be emptied by the seller. It is good practice to get your septic emptied every 4 years or depending on how many is in your household.

    Internet access

    High speed is now available throughout most of the country side of the Kawartha Lakes region. When living in the country, there is no cable that runs under the ground to your potential home. Not all telephone companies have made access to high speed to those living in the country.

    We use radio frequency for our high speed internet.

    Property zoning

    Most of the country real estate properites in the Kawartha Lakes are zoned agriculture. There are many advantages to being having your property agriculture zoned. Ask your Kawartha real estate agent what the zoning is. If you not sure, you can get information from the zoning department in Lindsay.

    Property taxes

    A draw back living in the country in the City of the Kawartha Lakes is that the property taxes are considerably higher compared to any major city. There are no major industries that absorb the taxes here. When considering moving to the country side be aware that there is very little service to justify the taxes.

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